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    Invention of a New Generation of Special-shaped Bottle Technology

    Product model:



    1835high *1178wide * 835thick





    Storage capacity:

    381 (PET129; CAN252)

    Temperature control:

    -10-40 degrees Celsius, 75% maximum humidity



Physical display window, LED lamp lighting, intelligent seven-color running horse lamp buttons

Standard 7 Inch Touch screen to support WeChat and Alipay scan code payment

Acceptable paper money, coins and coin change function, can realize IC card, city card, UnionPayment Card, etc.

Temperature adjustable, can sell a variety of canned and bottled beverages at the same time, the product has a wide range of applications.

The failure rate of the patented snake-shaped raceway stacking raceway is very low. It can sell irregular bottled goods. The goods in the raceway are clear at a glance (easy inventory management) and the regulation of the raceway is simple and convenient.

Modular refrigeration system, easy to maintain. The refrigeration system uses R134a fluorine-free refrigerant, which meets the national green environmental protection requirements.

Standardized industrial grade infrared grating shipment detection system has high sensitivity and good stability.

Timing switch can be set, with leakage protection function

PTC heating system, with overheating and power failure protection function

The whole machine adopts imported terminal, and its performance is reliable.

Powerful cloud service management platform can query the sales information and operation status of each vending machine anytime and anywhere through the network.

Designed according to international MDB standard and in line with international DEX standard, it can support all kinds of international general standard peripherals.

Microcomputer control system has intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, fault self-diagnosis and other management functions.

Main Feature


Optional Functions