AUCMA was awarded the "Honest Road Shang" Brand Enterprise on the spot.

Add Time:2019.06.16

Recently, AUCMA was awarded the brand name of "Houtao Shang" in Shandong Province in 2018 in the publication of "Houtao Shang" brand enterprises organized by the "Houtao Shang" Advocacy Action Steering Committee of Shandong Province.


Earlier, Shandong Houdaolu Shangshu Action Steering Committee issued the "Houdaolu Shangshu" Brand Enterprise List 2018 and the "Houdaolu Shangshang" Brand Enterprise List of Shandong Province in previous years, which confirmed that the honorary title would continue to be retained. Since Aokama became the first listed enterprise last year, it continued to retain "Houdaolu" this year. Business is an honorary title. This is a full affirmation of AKOMA's long-standing adherence to law-abiding and honest management, people-oriented and harmonious management, fulfilling social responsibility and innovating corporate culture.

Shandong Province launched the initiative of "honest Shandong businessmen" in 2014. More than 50 departments and units, such as the Propaganda Department of the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shandong Development and Reform Commission, have jointly initiated the initiative. They are committed to establishing a long-term mechanism of information sharing, credit evaluation, credit awards, and credit-breaking punishment, and guiding more enterprises to abide by it. Legal integrity management, people-oriented harmonious management, fulfilling social responsibility, innovating enterprise culture, and jointly building "honest and honest Shang" brand group. For listed companies, they can use the trademark of "Honest Road Shang" free of charge in image propaganda after authorization. For three consecutive years, enterprises selected in the image list can also get corresponding incentive policy support.