Leading the Development of Vending Machine Industry with "Head Goose" Standard

Add Time:2019.06.14

        Recently, a well-known air-conditioning enterprise reported that another air-conditioning enterprise's products did not meet the national mandatory standards, which caused widespread concern in the society. This incident sounded an alarm for the majority of manufacturers, especially those with high visibility and social responsibility.  微信图片_20190614185205.jpg

        Compared with ordinary consumers, they are not familiar with national or industrial standards. As a state-owned listed company, AKOMA always takes the practice of national standards as the rigid requirement of quality control. Even in the market competition with disorderly prices, AKOMA also regards product quality requirement as the insurmountable red line for enterprises.

        AUCMA vending machine always pays attention to product quality, especially in the selection of electrical parts, aging life, electromagnetic interference, high and low temperature, voltage resistance and safety, all meet or exceed the national mandatory standards. The technical specifications of the selected parts must meet the national mandatory standards, ensuring that AUCOMA vending machine has a stable electronic control program. Sequence and performance.

        AUCMA vending machine will continue to implement the "AKOMA is quality" reputation requirements, and lead the development of the vending machine industry with the "head goose" standard.