Zhang Haipeng led the team to welcome the sales elite team back to Qing Dao

Add Time:2019.06.06

66日,General Manager Zhang Haipeng led the team at Qingdao Liuting Airport to welcome the sales elite team from South China to Qingdao.


After the sales elite arrived at the airport, they were warmly and warmly welcomed by the company's receivers. The receivers presented flowers to the overseas soldiers, representing the company's thanks and welcome, thanking the team for their hard work and efforts, and welcoming them home. Subsequently, the company leaders in the airport VIP room praised the sales elite team.


Mr. Zhang welcomed the return of the marketing team in South China and thanked the team for their efforts. The company won decisive victory in the offensive campaign in South China in 2019. Recently, our company has won the purchase projects of Yinlian Commercial Vending Machine, Yiyatong Vending Machine, Shunfeng Express Vending Machine and Guangzhou Transport. Opportunities for cooperation in the purchasing of express vending machines have led to significant successes in customer development, opening up a new prospect for the company's market development. Successful bidding in these markets is inseparable from the efforts of the sales elite team. They have been fighting for three months in the fierce market competition environment, keeping an eye on customer needs, actively communicating with customers on the spot, answering and resolving customer concerns, making full preparations for bidding work, and finally getting customers. Recognition and praise.


Lieutenant Lin, Director of Marketing, thanked the company for its strong support and recognition of the sales team. They will continue to make great efforts in the follow-up work, continue to carry forward the work style of targeting and daring to work hard, and complete the tasks assigned by the company.

With the cooperation of UnionPay Business, YiYatong, Shunfeng Express and Guangzhou Express Buying Express, the company has opened up a new situation in the South China market and provided a solid guarantee for the realization of the company's goal of doubling in three years.